Dental Lab

Dental Lab

Carbide burs
Carbide burs made of extra-resistant material. Superior lifetime without loss of cutting performance, excellent surface quality. Broad range of cutting designs for all relevant applications.
Diamond discs and separating discs
The Diaswiss range of diamond discs for ceramics, plaster discs and separating discs for metal. Multiple layers of diamonds individually embedded.
Milling technique
Diaswiss instruments for milling technique in different cuts for parallel milling (0°) and milling at 2°, 4° and 6°.
Zirconia tools
Diaswiss offers a range of innovative products for working zirconia for HP as well as for use in the hydro air carver.
Diaswiss polishers for ceramics including zirconia, precious and non-precious metals, partial framework, acrylics, titanium and composite.
Electroplated diamonds HP
Electroplated diamonds for ceramics in superior quality using pure natural diamonds. Extremely dense coating ensuring long lifetime.
Sintered diamonds and sintered diamond discs
„Diamass“ sintered diamonds feature an exceptionally high diamond concentration resulting in outstanding cutting efficiency and long lifetime.