For the first time rootEX® instruments make it possible to remove root frag- ments safely, quickly and without additional surgical intervention. The innovative technical solution has been internationally patented.
The dense diamond coating using only select natural diamonds ensures superior cutting efficiency. Our diamond instruments feature a unique quality and superior lifetime.
The Diaswiss polisher range covers all relevant applications such as ceramics, composite, prophylaxis and many others. Easy handling and excellent, fast polishing results.
Carbide instruments
Diacarb – Carbide instruments combine outstanding cutting efficiency with long lifetime.
Instruments made of corrosion-resistant steel, carbide and zirconia. Ideal cutting performance for precise and efficient results.
Crown cutters carbide
A comprehensive range of carbide crown cutters for all dental applications. Superb cutting efficiency and long lifetime.
Endodontic instruments
The Diaswiss range of endodontic instruments made of stainless steel: Hedström-files, K-files, Reamers, Gates, Peeso, Paste Fillers and the new DIAtaper instruments.
Concentrate for disinfecting and cleaning dental and surgical instruments. Powerful. Safe. Economical.

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